Eppley Airfield Airport offers an extensive domestic network with more than 50 American city destinations. This, combined with its 10-minute-distance from Omaha, makes this city an easily-accessible destination for all travelers. 

If you decide to take the Amtrak train from the airport, it gets you to Omaha’s city center in just 30 minutes. The bus loop at Eppley Airfield Airport provides busses with travel paths passing right by the conference venue. Hopping off the bus by Charles Schwab Field is a convenient option to reaching the venue; click here for more information.

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Find out if you require a visa to travel to Omaha. 

The official language is English.

The American currency is the American Dollar (USD). 

In May, we can expect average highs of 24 degrees Celsius with overnight lows of 11 degrees.  Pack a sensible mix of clothes for warmer and colder temperatures.

Check out the website of Visit Omaha for frequently asked questions about Omaha’s attractions. 

Omaha has a diverse dining experience including quaint cafes, home-style diners and ethnic restaurants. From Mexican and Italian to Asian and African, everybody can find a place to eat that best matches their preference! But where to go, you may ask? Not to worry! Follow our foodie guides to experience the best restaurants in Omaha.