Sustainability Tips and Tricks

Wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint?

  • When travelling to Omaha, look at taking a train from Chicago to Omaha – it’s around $200USD round trip, and better for the environment.
  • If you have to fly, think about flying economy class and pack only what you need. The more luggage you have, the heavier the plane, the more fuel that is used.
  • If you’re attending a conference immediately before or after ISBNPA2024, consider traveling directly to / from Omaha to / from the other destination directly.
  • Bring your refillable water bottle – there are lots of refilling stations available at the venue.
  • While in your hotel room, consider if you really need a new towel every day of your stay. If not, consider turning down housekeeping services.
  • When packing for your trip, consider skipping the travel size toiletries – these are a huge source of tourism-related plastic pollution and help contribute to nearly 11 million metric tons of plastic pollution dumped into the oceans annually. Instead, switch to refillable and reusable bottles.
  • If you have to fly, upon arrival at the airport, consider taking the bus, Amtrak or the hotel shuttle. The shuttle picks up from the airport on a regular basis.
  • When booking a flight, ISBNPA does not recommend offsetting your flight as the impact of the offset is often not felt for decades. Instead, think about ways you can make an impact now by following some of the tips above.