The face-to-face meeeting in Auckland 2020 has been CANCELLED due to COVID-19.

Mai Chin A Paw

President, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The Netherlands

Meg Bruening

Arizona State University, United States of America

Sebastien Chastin

Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

Kirsten Davison

Boston College, United States of America

Katherine Downing

Deakin University, Australia

Jayne Fulkerson

University of Minnesota, United States of America

Erica Hinckson

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

AntoĢnio L Palmeira

ISBNPA Executive Director

Maartje Poelman

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Richard Rosenkranz

Kansas State University, United States of America

Wendy Van Lippevelde

Ghent University, Belgium & University of Agder, Norway

Delfien Van Dyck

Ghent University, Belgium

Amy Yaroch

Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, United States of America

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